Middle of the Desert

Follow the Green Covered Path

After making minimal preparations, which include Ran’s pamphlets of propaganda for our Stronghold, we begin our travels toward the Elf city.

One day, the scenery begins to change; the underbrush suddenly becomes very dense, severely impeding travel. We come to an opening (meaning just a few trees, but still severe underbrush) and see a single female elf, who seems princessish, surrounded by nasty plant monsters. We dispatch the plants, and follow the grateful princess, named Marlinthasa, toward her village. Along the way, she says a group of snake-like creatures, who are a dark sickly-green in color, often steal her village’s items, especially magical potions.

After many hours, we come upon a well-hidden village in the trees. She introduces us to Alon, the village elder. He explains that over the last 3-4 weeks, a multitude of Snakes, a green Dragonborn, and a large/huge green dragon have been seen. Alon mentions that associated with these sightings is the usual symbol of Zehir along with the face of some unknown woman. Alon asks us to help dispatch the green dragon, and agrees that in exchange for our help in defense, he will do everything in his power to have more open trade relations with other civilizations.

The next morning, we follow Marlinthasa toward what she says is a trail where the dragon was spotted. We follow her to strong iron doors embedded in an outcropping of rock. Upon entering, four creatures and a verdant sacrificial flame are seen. We kill ’em.

At the end of that room is a green fire of stoppage. After much struggling, we finally use Arcana to open it, revealing two Yuan-Ti Abominations and a green dragonbron. We waste ’em. The green Dragonborn was killed by Droden. Szar, enraged that his fellow adventured stole his kill, attacks Droden and vows never to heal Droden until he feels his mistake has been made up.

At the far end of that room lies a wall of nearly dead elves. We bash and slash ’em and break our way through to a new room that contains a green dragon and her followers. At the base of the floor of this room lies eight glass tiles with elvish faces showing through and a swirling vortex of wind at the center of the room. After some huff and puff, we kill all the baddies.

Loot to be given out later (MUST PUT ITEM LEVELS IN WANT-WIKI).

Homeward Bound

We travel home to our Desert Stronghold. Just outside of the entrance we notice the rotting corpses of some of our staff. Luceat (eagle) flies over the building and sees a Yuan-Ti priestess sacrificing a staff member; his skin dries, cracks, and eventually becomes scale-like. The staff member, now snake-like, joins about 7 others who look just like him.

We kill ’em easily!

After the battle, we find a note describing a meeting that will take place in 2 months between the Yuan-Ti that we just encountered and a drow emissary. The meeting will take place between the desert and the Elven forest.

A day or two later, with Droden no longer going bare-neck, we decide to venture to the Elf city to create a better world (ecourage more open trading between the Cities and other civilizations.

On the way, we encounter some large insects and an Spirit-Speakin’ Ettin. They die too.

Reptile Rumble

We pick up the adventure while still on our way to our stronghold. We encounter a screeching dragon with mottled, gray scales that immediately swoops down and begins attacking. Six or so of our whores/gamblers die within seconds.

The highlight of the encounter is the 3-foot-and-change halfling Buddyo taking a running leap onto a rock, jumping from the rock into the air toward a flying dragon, thrusting his spear upward (Tide of Iron), forcing the dragon to be pushed up 10 feet before descending to the ground; all this while Buddyo is immobilized.

After the dragon is defeated, a flying Luceat sees a humanoid figure with green scales and a snake-like head, who then disappears. After further exploration, she notices two separate cave entrances.

After an extended thinking session, we approach and enter one of the caves. In spider form (via Luceat), we entor an antechamber filled with four creatures whose likeness is something between a human and a snake (they are called Yuan-Ti). During the fight, a door to a larger room is opened, revealing a butt-load of snake-like creatures led by an Encanter who apparently worships Zehir. After Droden and Buddyo go splat, the Yuant-Ti die.

After these two encounters, we all feel a bit stronger and more experienced. (Level 12)

Surrounding the alter to Zehir we find 11000 gp worth of assorted gems and coins. All of the coins are stamped with a stylized face of a snake. On top of the alter we find a pouch containing a ritual candle. Closer examination of the pouch reveals it to be a pouch of shared acquisition. No amount of searching reveals the location of its pair.

Rise of the New Sultan

The day of the Prince’s trial arrives. After Vizier Najrak is finished with his arguments, the Prince calls upon us as his witnesses. After a number of speeches and supporting arguments by our party of the benefits of open trade with other civilizations. A number of nobles and councilmen, seemingly swayed by our party’s pleas, begin chanting in unison, “YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!” The Vizier, enraged at the turn of events, shouts “JUSTKILL THEM!” The Vizier invokes the words of Pelor to summon a swarm of small flying creatures with “nasty” mouths. (Szar, however, uses his knowledge of Religion to notice that the Vizier actually invokes the help of a demon god.) A fight involving our party, the Vizier, two guards, and the swarm ensues.

The Vizier and his followers are destroyed; loot is plentiful. Prince Badaby becomes Sultan.

As we leave the capital city and set forth to our stronghold, a group of whores and potential gamblers decide to follow us for fun & games. During our travel, a group of giant mummies led by a beholder attacks us. We kick their asses, though one of the whores was killed by a mummy.

Summoning Sickness

A messenger from the Sultan’s son, Prince Badabi, informs us that the Sultan is on his deathbed. Everyone (except for Buddyo) does some camel shopping. After defeating sand peoples, we arrive at the Sultan’s city. The party splits up.

Droden, Luceat, and Nevyn venture to the deathbed and observe Vizier Najrak next to the dead Sultan. The Vizier seems extremely happy of the circumstances. It appears to Luceat (Nature) that the Sultan died of natural causes, though a servant claims that the Sultan died shortly after Narjak had entered the room.

Szar goes to the slums and has a beer, in a manner that is in no way ominous.

Meanwhile, Ran, and Buddyo go to the prison where Prince Badabi is being held. Ran disguises himself as Vizier and successfully demands the guards to release Badabi. He is brought back to a secure room owned by our party and tells us that he was arrested on charges of heresy. Badabi’s actions of opening up trade routes with other cities was seen as heresy in the eyes of the Vizier. The 12+1 council members under the Sultan, 4 for each of the city states plus the Vizier, will decide Badaby’s guilt. Our party decides to convince as many of the council members to side with the Prince’s innocence over the Vizier’s desire of guilt.

Council and information

  • Loyal to Vizier (per Droden Beardsman’s sneaking)
    • Azad – From capital, no contact.
    • Faruz – From capital, no contact.
    • Ardevan – From capital. Frequents the prostitutes, has illegitimate children. The mothers were threatened into testifying to Raheem. Attempt to meet with Ardevan directly failed.
  • On the fence
    • Raheem – Not convinced. Told of Ardevan’s extracurricular activities, but still not convinced.
    • Naseem – Not convinced. From Dragonborn city. Altercation with Droden Beardsman and Szarrasazastra (which we all know he totally started); resulted in dead guards.
    • Mahtab – Convinced. From Dragonborn city. Threatened with riots. Convincing reinforced by Buddyo’s heroic losing skills and 100 gp.
    • Caspar – Convinced
    • Giv – Convinced with the help of some fancy perfume.
  • Lean Prince
    • Bashir – Loyalist all along
    • Sarfraz – Convinced
    • Rajah – Convinced
    • Sher – Convinced

In addition, Nevyn has developed a contact in the palace, a servant named Iago. Prince Badabi has been holed up in a safe house in the slums, guarded by Luceat Intenebras. Also, Guillermo Ranajay von McAbdul decided that in light of the awesome powers of the rest of his party, that he might rethink some of his life choices, and maybe try out this whole “make an eldritch pact with a being of unspeakable fell horror” thing.

Act 1
Royal Pain

Your stronghold is finally complete, and a secure future seems to stretch before you. The diversions provided bring many travelers to your small domain. However, the festivities last for less than a year before a messenger brings somber news.

The great Sultan Azad contracted a deadly disease from a previously unknown creature that suddenly sprang from a fountain in one of the palace’s many courtyards. Though the illness was purged from him, Azad’s aging body never fully recovered. Many can feel the presence of the Raven Queen lingering about the palace as she waits to usher the great monarch to Pelor’s paradise.

Badabi, Azad’s only son, personally implores that you share the last moments of his father’s great life. In the past you have had many good dealings with Badabi. He was instrumental in granting you the freedoms you enjoy in your keep.


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