Middle of the Desert

Act 1

Royal Pain

Your stronghold is finally complete, and a secure future seems to stretch before you. The diversions provided bring many travelers to your small domain. However, the festivities last for less than a year before a messenger brings somber news.

The great Sultan Azad contracted a deadly disease from a previously unknown creature that suddenly sprang from a fountain in one of the palace’s many courtyards. Though the illness was purged from him, Azad’s aging body never fully recovered. Many can feel the presence of the Raven Queen lingering about the palace as she waits to usher the great monarch to Pelor’s paradise.

Badabi, Azad’s only son, personally implores that you share the last moments of his father’s great life. In the past you have had many good dealings with Badabi. He was instrumental in granting you the freedoms you enjoy in your keep.


Szar did not rescue the prince. Rather he went to the slums for some beer.

Act 1

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