Middle of the Desert

Homeward Bound

We travel home to our Desert Stronghold. Just outside of the entrance we notice the rotting corpses of some of our staff. Luceat (eagle) flies over the building and sees a Yuan-Ti priestess sacrificing a staff member; his skin dries, cracks, and eventually becomes scale-like. The staff member, now snake-like, joins about 7 others who look just like him.

We kill ’em easily!

After the battle, we find a note describing a meeting that will take place in 2 months between the Yuan-Ti that we just encountered and a drow emissary. The meeting will take place between the desert and the Elven forest.

A day or two later, with Droden no longer going bare-neck, we decide to venture to the Elf city to create a better world (ecourage more open trading between the Cities and other civilizations.

On the way, we encounter some large insects and an Spirit-Speakin’ Ettin. They die too.



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