Middle of the Desert

Rise of the New Sultan

The day of the Prince’s trial arrives. After Vizier Najrak is finished with his arguments, the Prince calls upon us as his witnesses. After a number of speeches and supporting arguments by our party of the benefits of open trade with other civilizations. A number of nobles and councilmen, seemingly swayed by our party’s pleas, begin chanting in unison, “YES WE CAN! YES WE CAN!” The Vizier, enraged at the turn of events, shouts “JUSTKILL THEM!” The Vizier invokes the words of Pelor to summon a swarm of small flying creatures with “nasty” mouths. (Szar, however, uses his knowledge of Religion to notice that the Vizier actually invokes the help of a demon god.) A fight involving our party, the Vizier, two guards, and the swarm ensues.

The Vizier and his followers are destroyed; loot is plentiful. Prince Badaby becomes Sultan.

As we leave the capital city and set forth to our stronghold, a group of whores and potential gamblers decide to follow us for fun & games. During our travel, a group of giant mummies led by a beholder attacks us. We kick their asses, though one of the whores was killed by a mummy.



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