Droden Beardsman


Droden was born as an elf named Duen (meaning “Cresent Autumn”, referring to the time he was born). In his late 20s, much of his forest village, including his family, was detroyed by an unknown entity. Duen desired justice, but without knowing the identity of his enemy, he could not begin his quest. Duen then employed the power of the Raven Queen. As Duen tells it, a deal was made wherein he would be granted powers to find and destroy his enemy in exchange for servitude to the Raven Queen for a short amount of time.

Either Duen’s account of the agreement was incorrect, or the Raven Queen’s servants were untruthful. Either way, Duen was transformed by the Raven Queen into a Changeling Assassin incapable of transforming into an Elf, and with no prospect of returning to his original form. Ashamed of what he’d become, Duen changed his name to Droden Beardsman and is almost exclusively in human form.

Droden left his homeland for the desert and made his living as a successful thief and assassin in a city where crime was rampant. The Sultan’s usual methods of dealing with crime were not sufficient in this particular city, so he devised a plan to lure and kill the thieves. The Sultan spread false rumors of an expensive jewel being held in his security vault, while placing numerous armed guards throughout the castle. Dozens of thieves were killed that night. Droden, however, successfully entered the castle without detection, and, upon seeing the rumor of the prized jewel to be false and the large number of guards, approached the Sultan himself in his sleeping quarters with the intention to kill.

The Sultan, surprised and impressed that Droden was able to sneak past his most highly skilled royal guards, was able to convince him to leave his thieving days behind to enjoy a ‘legitimate’ employment opportunity. Droden would perform services for the Sultan, and in exchange, a secret royal-sanctioned Assassin Guild would be established, where Droden could further develop his Assassin powers. Droden became the first of the Sultan’s secretive cohort of trained Assassins.

Droden Beardsman

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