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Desert sands surround you!

This space will eventually contain overview information about the campaign.

For now, create a character under the “Characters” tab and fill out your background. Keep in mind the following.

  • You have been a cohesive group adventuring since level 1. Feel free to fill in the adventures you all have shared over the past 5 in-game years.
  • You have been granted the lands surrounding a minor oasis by the Sultan. With this land you have constructed a stronghold. Please fill in the details surrounding this stronghold. Some suggestions have been trading center, casino, and brothel. Elaborate! (I’ll probably be using details you put in here as the first adventure hook.)
  • You are encouraged to select one of the “backgrounds” as part of character generation. In the description you write on your character page, include the official title of the background you selected and be sure to explain how you obtained the training/got into the situations described. (For example, if you took “mercenary work” be sure to include who your employer(s) were and why you were no longer in that line of work at level 1.)
  • Details you include here will inspire me. I’ll try to work in as many character quirks or past experiences as possible.


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