The Stronghold

In recognition for our great and valorous service, the Sultan rewarded us with a speck of an oasis in the great sea of sand between the cities. In addition to housing for the party, the oasis contains a public house. Situated on a major caravan route, the inn serves as a watering hole for tired and dusty drivers and guards, a place to rest and reequip in the middle of a long voyage, and a place for the local nomadic population to go for a good time. Though we’ve tried to use our fame in the region as a draw for richer clientele, the only other people from civilization are shady characters looking for a place beyond the reach of the law. Unfortunately, while our party contain some of the most talented adventurers in the land, our business sense is not as good, and the inn has consistently lost gold. This has kept us in a life of adventuring, giving a reason (or excuse) to put off retirement.

In the “maps” section, I placed a basic map of our fortress. ObsidianPortal cut off the edges so it would be square, I guess :(. I also uploaded a copy to my wiki.

Please edit the map key below and/or the map image to better suit your personal preferences and character’s characteristics. You can then create a username on and upload it to there or email it to and I’ll upload it for you.

1: Casino

2: Guillermo Ranajay von McAbdul’s home. The building is dug into the ground with a ceiling that rises only 4 feet above the courtyard’s height. The top of the structure is flat, allowing it to double as a stage.

3: Another player’s home

4: Another player’s home

5: Buddyo’s home, converted form a broom closet

6: Funball pit

7: A central courtyard in which people congregate for trade, conversation, and theatrical performances

8: Another player’s home

9: Another player’s home

10: A broom closet

11: Another player’s home

12: A tower for storing secrets, firing arrows upon our foes, etc

To the southeast: An oasis, in which lives a freshwater octopus

Why is my house so short? I’m a half-elf, I’m normal sized…


Your house isn’t short; it’s dug into the ground. The room’s floor is below the ground level of the surrounding courtyard. Since it’s dug into the ground, the roof only rises a little above the surrounding courtyard’s ground level. Of course, if you’re unhappy with it, please change it!

The Stronghold

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